What is your clutter trying to tell you?
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What is your clutter trying to tell you?

When I saw this paradigm I thought 🤯. I mean, really, can I get an AMEN? It has so many meanings yet so simply said. 

My relationship with clutter is complicated. On the one hand, clutter gives me anxiety so I do my best to make sure my countertops are clean and everything is tidy. But…do you remember that Friends episode, the one with the secret closet? They could have written that about me (although I have to admit at times it’s been an entire secret room). It’s the place where everything I don’t want to deal with gets shoved somewhere where no one will see it. The environment around me is clutter-free but behind that door lurks a plethora of stuff to overwhelming to handle. 

It perfectly describes how I was living my life at one point; trying to portray perfection and order on the outside but in disarray on the inside. Keeping things hidden from everyone but most importantly hidden from me, and definitely not wanting to make decisions on what to do with all of it. 

And if we take it a layer deeper, because you know that’s how I roll. It wasn’t just objects lying in wait; it was my dreams, my desires, my pain, my mistakes. It was where the trauma was stored and where my soul was buried. It was absolutely, postponed decisions; because I was engulfed with what it all meant and couldn’t bear the perceived outcome of not getting it “right”. 

That’s right I said perceived. Because it’s what we think will happen that keeps us stuck. What actually would happen if you got rid of those clothes that you don’t fit into anymore, or the fitness equipment that you don’t use, or the papers that you say you’re going to get to but don’t? What will it say about us? What meaning do we make of it? That we’re a failure? That we’re not good enough? 

But what if we let it go and we’re open to the possibility that we will feel lighter, freer, accomplished, and more relaxed? What if we were open to that that we are mutable and fluid? What if we allow space for new beauty to flow our way and what if other decisions get easier to make? What if it gets the momentum going and things start to fall into place? 

When the objects take less space in our head, soon we find that we feel empowered to take a hard look at the things that no longer serve us. We get rid of the 

clutter taking space in our mind; resentments, judgments, suffering, and fear. 

I know it’s scary. We hold on so tight…because it keeps us safe. But don’t we want more than just safe? 

So what small piece of clutter can you make a decision on today that will start the ball rolling? What small thing can you remove from the secret closet? Notice I said small? Brain hack 101: Small changes keep the brain out of freak out mode. Don’t worry you can keep tomorrow’s clutter if you want to 😉 Post in the comments. 

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