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It’s not the event that equals our outcome.  It’s the event plus our reaction or response to the event that equals the outcome.

This can be hard for us to grasp. I struggle with it myself sometimes. When we are unhappy about what is happening in our life we naturally want to blame the event itself for what is happening; the person who did that thing to us, the economy, our genetic disposition, our environment, the people around us, etc.

Yes, these factors exist but they are not the reason we aren’t having success.

Let’s say for example you struggle with losing weight. The outcome (O) you’re experiencing is not feeling healthy in your body, your body isn’t running optimally, and physically you aren’t looking the way you want to.

The events (E) that I often hear people say are standing in the way are genetics, environment, time, money, and motivation, right?

So you’ve tried a number of things. Some worked for awhile, but most didn’t, leaving you frustrated and ready to give up. You have come to the conclusion that maybe genetically you just are this way or you can’t lose weight because your family doesn’t eat the way you want and it’s too hard to keep it up or you don’t have time to prep healthy meals or you healthy food is too expensive or you just don’t have enough willpower (the worst one of them all).

All of these are valid challenges that stand in the way of our health goals. I’ve had this problem myself. However, if they were the deciding factor in whether someone succeeded or not, nobody would ever succeed.

But what we often do is continue to try different diets or exercise programs and we end up in the same place.Umm that’s called insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I get it. We’ve been taught that this is the way to get results. And yes the type of food matters. Yes exercise matters. But it’s not the response that is going to change the outcome. We have to think outside the box and get to the root of what is standing in the way. Hint-it’s not time, money, genetics, or even our families. And it’s definitely not our lack of willpower!

If it was, only rich single skinny people that don’t work would be the weight they want. We all experience barriers to our goals. By changing our response (R) to an event (E), we eventually get the outcome (O) we want. The deciding factor in our success is not the external conditions and circumstances. It’s how we choose to respond (R).

Can you name a time where you changed your response to a repeated event and got a completely different outcome? Post in the comments.

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