5 STEPS to end your year with a bang and be ready For Next Year
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5 STEPS to end your year with a bang and be ready For Next Year

Ready to do something different this New Year’s Eve?

For years I followed the traditional New Years’ Eve celebrations; staying up late, being with friends, etc., only to be a haunted and resentful the next day. I have never been a night person so staying up to midnight was always a stretch. Some years I would watch the NY ball drop at 9 pm then hit the hay. Other years I forced myself to stay up and try to socialize. It didn’t feel right but I did it anyway.

Nowadays I am far more comfortable in my own skin and feel perfectly fine saying no to things I don’t want to do. I ring in the New Year the way I want to; that means going to bed early and getting ready for the next day. That also means reflecting and planning. Ooh, that stuff gets me all jazzed up. Yeah, I’m weird. I know it.

I don’t just do the reflection/planning ritual on New Years’, I start the process the week off and go through the first week in January. Next year I will do it a bit differently (I’ve learned a few things in the past few months that I will implement in 2021), but this year I’m following this cycle.

I wanted to share the process that I go through for those that are interested in ringing in the new year a bit differently this year. I recommend doing this process over a few days but some like to do it in a single day. Whatever works for you!

Get out a notebook, pens, and your calendar. Utilize all 5 senses – play music that inspires you, light candles or diffuse essential oils, make some healthy snacks, put on some comfy clothes, set out pictures from the past year.

This process follows the 5 Step R.E.C.A.P Process breaking down life into 12 categories.

The categories are as follows: Identity & Character, Finances, Skills & Communication, Home & Family (Quality of Life), Creativity & Adventure, Health & Fitness, Romantic Partnerships, Emotions, Travel & Intellectual Life, Career, Community/Friends, Spiritual & Life Vision

Step 1: Review

  1. Make a list of key events that happened in the past year. Go through month by month and list 3-5 things per month. Use your calendar, social media, and your phone’s camera roll to jog your memory., 

Step 2: Evaluate

  1. Go through each of the 12 categories and reflect on what went well and what didn’t go well.

Step 3: Contemplate

  1. What made me happy in the past year? Where did I experience the biggest joy?
  2. What were my biggest accomplishments this past year?
  3. What made me sad in the past year?
  4. What were my biggest challenges this past year and how did I overcome them?
  5. What are the biggest lessons I learned this past year?
  6. What’s weighing me down right now?

Step 4: Ask

  1. What could I improve in the next year?
  2. What will I let go of in the next year?
  3. What matters most to you next year?
  4. . What is my intention, motto, or word of the year?
  5. What are my non-negotiables for next year? 

Step 5: Plan

  1. Write down big events, appointments, vacations, etc. in your calendar.
  2. Schedule in monthly/weekly ME time. 
  3. Write 1 goal for each category with a projected completion date. Think small doable goals. Then list 2 things that need to be done to accomplish each goal. 
  4. Schedule the goal completion dates and tasks that need to be done to complete your goals into your calendar. 
  5. Get on your feet and dance it out. You did it! 

If you have questions, feel free to post below or send me a message on Instagram.

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