You really can’t have a pizza night without having a great Italian Chopped Salad to go alongside. In my mind, anytime I’m eating something really decadent like an entire pizza, the calories don’t count if I chase it with a crisp and healthy salad. So, that notion brings me to one of my favorite pre-veg salads. The Antipasto or the Italian Chopped. I’ve veganized it with just 2 simple vegan products that no one should ever have to live without. 1. Field Roast Chao Cheese & 2. Yves Veggie Salami

Let’s get choppin!


Romaine Lettuce

Roma Tomatoes

Sliced Purple Onion


1 can Chickpeas

Sliced Black Olives

Olive Oil

Balsamic Glaze

Salt & Pepper

Sliced Pepperoncino – optional

Field Roast Chao Cheese – creamy original

Yves Veggie Salami

  1. Chop your lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumbers into even pieces and keep them small so you can fit lots of flavors on 1 fork.
  2. Drain & Rinse your chickpeas
  3. Slice your onions into thin pieces.
  4. Take one slice of your Chao cheese and 1 slice of your veggie salami and roll into a tube. Cut into bite size pin wheels.
  5. Throw it all in a bowl. A Drizzle of Olive oil. A Sprinkle of Salt & Pepper. A Beautiful wheel of balsamic glaze right on top.

I say peperoncino’s optional because I got so excited about my balsamic glaze circles that I forgot to add it. It was delicious without. But still wouldn’t hurt to add them next time.

And now you’re ready for Vegan Pizza Night!!

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