Have you been attempting to make some healthy changes in your life this year and keep falling off track?

I get it, we have all been there!

Do you find yourself needing a cup of coffee or an energy drink to stay awake in the afternoon? Do you crave something sweet at the same time every day? Do you hate grocery shopping so much that you buy the exact same thing every week and are completely bored with your meals? Do you feel bloated after eating certain foods? You are in need of more than a diet change. You need a lifestyle change and I want to help!

Welcome to The Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program!

I created this online mentoring experience to help those of you who are ready to get healthy, but need guidance, motivation, and a roadmap!

I know that it feels totally overwhelming to start new healthy habits. Most programs out there are all about cutting calories and exercising more, but we both know that doesn’t work for long-lasting, healthy changes.

It’s time to make you a top priority! No matter how busy you are, it can be done. You don’t have to wait any longer to increase your energy, feel less stressed and reduce bloating!

I’ve been exactly where you are now–on the hamster wheel! I would try something new and it would work for a few days or a few weeks (maybe even a month), then I would “slip up” and beat myself up for failing, Then I would start all over again with something new not really knowing what will actually work to help me feel better.

Just like you, I ate foods that I thought were healthy (turns out, they weren’t). I exercised and tried to manage my stress (tried is the keyword). But I still felt groggy when I woke up, zapped of energy by mid-day, I was still bloated and most importantly, I had migraines all the time.

I tried everything the doctor told me to do and nothing worked until I discovered a new way to approach my health. I began eating making changes to my diet, started a meditation & yoga practice, and cut out the caffeine. I started to feel more energized every day and found my skin to be glowing after a few weeks of making these changes. And the best result was that the migraines went away! It was crazy!

Those small changes lead me to this incredible journey of healing and self-discovery that has completely changed my life in ways that I couldn’t have ever imagined. Changes that we will go in-depth together. Changes that will give you so much energy you won’t need caffeine (I promise I won’t take your coffee away). Changes that will release the brain fog and calm your monkey mind (you know that mental chatter that just won’t shut up)! Changes that will completely transform and heal your body – Yes no more achy joints, excruciating migraines, or painful heartburn. Changes that will make you look at food in a radically different way. And changes that will leave you feeling Slim, Sexy and Smart!

I understand your struggles, trying to find “balance” between work, play and family. I believe so strongly in the healing powers of food, movement, and self-care because it has seriously changed my life. As a nutrition and wellness coach for over 10 years, I have it seen it all. And I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to actually transforming your lifestyle into a permanent state of fulfillment. I have helped people break their obsession with carbs & sugar, balance their hormones (yes guys that’s for you too) and shift their schedule so they have time to feel good in their bodies.

When I was putting my family and my job before my health I was living at less than my full potential; actually the complete opposite of having potential at all. Until one day I was so sick of being sick and tired; I had enough with the migraines and fatigue. I decided I couldn’t keep living that way something had to change. So I made some changes to my diet and my lifestyle with the help of some amazing mentors. It really made me realize and understand that I could do incredible and radical things in both my personal and professional life, while still taking care of me. You can do the same!

You deserve so much more than how you have been feeling! When we eat and move our bodies in a more nourishing way not only do we notice and feel the difference but others do too. This is when you get the promotion at work or get a raise. This is when you start to create more meaningful relationships in your life and this is when you attract everything you really want into your life.

I’d be honored to support you so you will never have to deprive or restrict your body every again!

There is never going to be the “perfect time” to start making changes. We are always going to feel like we don’t have “enough time”, we are always going to think it’s “too much work” and we will always feel “guilty” for spending money on ourselves.

You are worth the time and investment because taking care of you feels so much better than this “unhealthy diet” mold you are trying to figure out. It’s time to stop feeling frustrated and stuck, because you are doing the same thing over and over again, and start transforming your life. Your partner, family, friends, and co-workers will thank you for it!

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If you choose this program your commitment to showing up mentally, energetically, spiritually and openly are the KEYS to achieving everything you want. So asking for support and being open to new ways of thinking is a MUST. PLUS, being willing to be challenged to go outside your comfort zone will help you make Slim, Sexy and Smart your new reality much faster. And, I’ll personally help you step into being the powerful and brilliant LEADER of your life!

***There are ONLY a MAXIMUM of 10 participants accepted into the Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program for the entire year***

To be accepted into the Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program:

  • FIRST….please read this entire page so you are clear as to HOW this transformational program will create amazing results in your life.
  • THEN….simply click on the Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program link to take you to the checkout system. You can schedule your first phone session from the checkout system. Your next steps and instructions will be emailed to you after you complete your checkout.

During Our Time Together I Will Show You How To:

  • Lose those stubborn pounds that never seem to budge
  • Wake up with energy and keep it all day long
  • Improve your sleep
  • Stop sugar cravings
  • Move your body in ways that inspire you
  • Reduce those chronic aches and pains
  • Have more clarity and increase focus
  • Balance mood swings and have reduced stress
  • Say goodbye to belly bloat and feel comfortable and confident in your body

You will also learn:

  • The healthiest foods to choose at restaurants and parties so you can stay on the wagon and still enjoy yourself.
  • How to stay on track when you’re traveling.
  • How to save money at the grocery store and how to eat healthy on a budget.
  • How to make easy, healthy substitutions that you’ll love; these small things can add up to huge results.
The Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program is a 3-month commitment. 
What You Receive As A Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program Member Includes: 

1. Access to a private online website to track your progress. Joining The Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-day Platinum Program gives you access to a private website to help hold you accountable each and every day during your program and after the program is complete.

2. THREE private coaching calls with Your Coach. You’ll have one private, 60-minute coaching call with Jenifer, each month. These calls are GUARANTEED to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs so you can see results in your body – and your life – FAST. Each call can be recorded so you can refer to it over and over again.

3. Done-For-You Materials. To keep you on track during the program you’ll receive content, either in the form of information materials and recorded videos. These done-for-you materials will help you create breakthroughs in your life long after your Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program is complete.

4. TWO Emergency Calls (to Private Cell). Emergencies come up, right? To help you handle any emergency, your program includes TWO emergency calls to Jenifer private cell phone.

Plus, you’ll receive these bonuses…

1. The Complete Slim, Sexy and Smart Training System. This is the training program that will change your body shape forever! Developed by a team of coaches and trainers, the Slim, Sexy and Smart Training System shows you how to transform your body WITHOUT long, painful workouts. During your Live Retreat, our trainers will lead you through a training session and customize the system just for you, giving you a step-by-step plan you can use at home.

3. Personal Grocery Store Tour + Shopping Lists. As part of your program, Jenifer is taking you shopping! With our tour and our super-simple shopping lists, we’ll help you get in and out of the grocery store in just 20 minutes and still get all the healthy, delicious food you need. Participating in the program virtually? That’s ok. You’ll receive a series of videos recorded at a grocery store.

4. Smoothie and Juicing Cooking Class. Want to incorporate smoothies and juice into your lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Or don’t know how to make your favorite meals and still reach your Slim, Sexy and Smart outcome? The Eat 2 Be Healthy team can show you how to whip up easy and delicious smoothies and juice that will help you feel Slim, Sexy and Smart. If participating in the program from a distance the class will be done live through video chat.

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The Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program Is ONLY Right For You If:

  • You’re willing to take decisive ACTION even if it might feel scary at times (in an exciting way)
  • You are willing to be DECISIVE, seek and speak your TRUTH and claim what you truly want
  • You’re willing and able to commit 100% to your own growth, show up fully and ask for support
  • You’re willing to try something new and stretch beyond your current experience or knowledge
  • You have a dream that you are COMMITTED to achieving
  • You do NOT need to already have a clear idea of HOW to achieve what you want – that’s what you’ll learn if you’re accepted into the program!

Your Commitment Includes:

  • Reading this informational page
  • Attending all coaching calls.
  • Complete all suggested homework.
  • Log goals as decided upon by you and your coach.
  • Refraining from multi-task during all calls.
  • Being authentic, honest, and speaking up for what you want.
  • Letting your coach know about any personal situations that may interfere with your experience in the program.
  • Honoring confidentiality both in and out of the specific program calls and events.
  • Letting it be okay not to know all the answers.
  • Giving yourself permission to just be you!
  • Having a clear intention, goal or topic for each coaching call or event.
  • Be willing to take risks, try new things and stretch beyond your current experience.
  • Being responsible for your own results, which includes proactively asking for support, schedule coaching calls and using your program benefits.
  • Honoring your investment and the expectations you are making in yourself by handling any situations that may take you away from your experience, being patient with yourself and resting periodically to “catch up”.
  • Honoring our relationship by being direct, truthful and open so we can go further, faster.
  • Celebrating your wins, shifts, achievements, and excitement throughout the program.
Eat 2 Be Healthy’s Commitment Includes:
  • Believing in you and your ability to achieve your vision of success.
  • Sharing in-depth information and knowledge with you so you move forward with marketing your business much more quickly than you would on our own.
  • Allowing you to be 100% authentic and fully YOU.
  • Holding you accountable to act from your highest self, even when you may not feel that way.
  • Being in integrity and honest at all times.
  • Holding high standards for your and for ourselves (and handling any situation that crosses the line, helping you to resolve and move beyond things you are putting up with that are in alignment with your brilliance).
  • Being kind and patient with your progress so that you know you always have a safe place to express where you are.
  • Sharing creative ideas and inspiration without the need to have you “like” them (if you don’t like an idea we create, no problem – we’ll create another one or you’ll be inspired to create your own).
  • Laser-coaching you to find solutions to challenges that may come up.
  • Coaching you to your highest self and to achieve your highest potential.
  • Knowing that you are connected to spirit and that there are unlimited possibilities available to you, no matter what any particular situation looks like.
  • Providing the platform for you to connect with your group to express yourself, be heard, and be held accountable.
  • Caring deeply about you and your success.
You agree to invest according to the investment schedule.
Commitment and Termination:
The Slim, Sexy and Smart 90-Day Platinum Program is a 3-MONTH commitment. If for any reason you choose not to continue or stop participating, you will continue to be liable for the investment in this program. Coaching is a powerful process and at times, you may feel “up against a wall” or as if something isn’t working. This is often a perfect sign that you are releasing obstacles and limiting beliefs. Our request is that any and all concerns regarding assignments and coaching be addressed with your coach directly so we can be the best coaches and mentor to you that we can be, and assure the coaching relationship is of integrity. Working together, we will make sure your needs are met. If after completion of the program you still are unsatisfied with the value of the program, we are happy to offer your money back. Please see Money Back Guarantee details below for more information.
We are passionate about YOU and YOUR success – no matter what! We are passionate about coaching you to leverage your brilliance, create lasting changes, and to help you OWN your soul’s POWER and PHENOMENAL in your life! We are committed to helping you become the best Slim, Sexy and Smart self that only YOU can be!

You can’t go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

Let us make this easy. This program is outstanding. If you don’t agree, you don’t pay. We want you to experience the power of the entire training before deciding it was a brilliant investment.

Participate in all private coaching calls, complete the cooking class and shopping tour/list, participate regularly in the coaching website, complete all assigned action items. If we haven’t completely rocked your world, just tell us and we’ll insist you take back 100% of your investment. Could we be any fairer than that?

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