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Having trouble getting motivated to exercise? Building healthy habits starts with small steps. Get started on your health journey by taking the Eat 2 Be Healthy Running Challenge!

In this 4 week running challenge, starting February 1st and ending February 28th, you and your friends can earn a prize package while supporting each and exercising together. The E2BH Running Challenge is a team challenge. Each team will be made up by 2-5 of your closet friends and will be tracked by using the free app Map My Run.

How does it work? While on the run you will take a selfie and use the Map My Run app. By using this app you will be able to track the distance of your run. After you take your selfie you will post it on Instagram using hastag, #RC2015 and tagging @eat2behealthy. After all, who doesn’t like to take a selfie while working out?

Are you missing out on time with your friends? Do you hate working out by yourself? Get a couple of friends together and just go for a run. What better way to hang out with friends then by running with them?This 4 week challenge is a fun way to catch up with friends and most importantly exercising.

While this 4 week running challenge sounds exciting and you are ready to sign up for it right now, you might wonder what will be waiting for you at the end of this challenge? Eat 2 Be Healthy will be giving away a prize pack full of wonderful goodies for the winning team! The prize pack will include Eat 2 Be Healthy t-shirts, books, gift cards, and fitbits…enough for the whole team!

Eat 2 Be Healthy will be having 4 challenges throughout 2015. If a person participates in all 4 challenges, they will be entered to win a FREE prize package of exciting items including a signed book, Eat 2 Be Healthy t-shirt, and a blender. If you want all of these items, it is completely FREE, if you sign up for all of the 4 challenges that Eat 2 Be Healthy will be offering.


-The Running Challenge is a Group Challenge. You must have at least 2 people and no more than 5 people on your team. The more people on your team the better, because the more distance you can log.
-To sign up for this group challenge you will need to download the free app, Map My Run, and join the group eat2behealthy on Map My Run. Click link to register with the group.
– The winning group will be determined by which group runs the most often and is also active on Instagram.
-In order for us to track your runs, you must use the Map My Run app during your runs. You must also tag @eat2behealthy and #RC2015 in your instagram posts.
– On Fridays we will feature a group that ran most often during the week. If a group would like to be considered as a featured group, the group can post anytime Monday- Thursday.
– A group does not need to post everyday but it is encouraged to increases chances of winning.
– Check Instagram for Tip Tuesdays, the tips will tell you how to run more effectively, what to eat before or after a run etc.


Q: Do I have to run at the same time as my friends to participate in the challenge?

A: No. You and your teammates can run at different times and places. You don’t even have to be located in the same city or state. As long as each of you are tracking your runs with the Map My Run and posting on Instagram using the #RC2015  and tagging @eat2behealthy in your posts, you will receive credit for your runs as a team.

Q: Is there a certain amount of miles we need to run to win?

A: No. The winner will be chosen by covering the most miles and by being active on instagram, so everybody has a shot at winning.

Q: What happens if I don’t use Map My Run during my run?

A: Then there is no way for us to track your distance. That run will not be eligible. Don’t sweat it…use the app the next time you run and you’ll be back in the game.

Q: How will you know who’s on my team? 

A: Once all the members of your team have joined, we will get in contact with you to confirm who is on your team and what your team name is.