Dinner & Movie: Where You Can Have What She’s Having!

DINNER & MOVIEFriday’s just got even better! You love movies and you love food! But you hate the crappy food they sell at the movies! So why not enjoy a great movie while eating delicious and healthy food together?

Documentaries are some of the best films made because they follow a real life story following someones transformation into their healthiest selves. They’ve got Drama! They’ve got Love! They’ve got Action! These documentaries have it all! So inspiring! There are a lot of health documentaries out there and we’ve chosen our favorite to share with you. And of course we can’t watch a movie about food without eating, right? So we are bringing you some of the tastiest and healthiest food around. You’ll absolutely love it!

Our Dinner & Movie events are held in Simi Valley on select Friday nights.
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 individual class for more detailed information about what each Dinner & A Movie will offer.

If you don’t see the movie you love, you might want to checkout our Workshops. We will be showing some movies during our Pre-Workshop Event. Some of the movies went well with our workshops, so we wanted to pair it with those classes. There are just too many good movies out there that we don’t want you to miss!

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