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Teaching Tuesday: The Dangerous Side of Pinterest

Chances are if you have a Pinterest account, you have board topics like “Wedding Ideas” and “Healthy Dinners.” The social media site...

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7 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Bees

7 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Bees Bees are a symbol of perseverance and diligence. However, these...

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A Look at Addiction Through The Eyes of a Now Sober 24 Year Old

Christina Huffington, a young women who says she had it all, courageously disucusses her addiction to drugs in hopes to...

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Elementary School Cafeteria Goes Vegetarian

I love how this school is taking a proactive approach. Not only are they providing healthier options for lunch, they...

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A New Reason to Avoid Sugar in the New Year

Just in time to reaffirm your New Year’s resolution to cut down on the sweet stuff, a new report is out to...

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