Nothin’ But Love ~ Client Testimonials

We have a number of clients that praise our health coaching services.  It’s our pleasure to share their experiences with their personal health coach here. These client testimonials are proof positive that we work closely to help improve the lives of our clients.  We are dedicated and consistent health coaches with genuine concerns for the health of those we work with.

If we can help these clients improve their health, we know we can do the same for you!


I began working with Jen at Eat 2 Be Healthy a year ago and I am so impressed with her program and style of support. She develops a very individualized program for you that fits with your lifestyle. She is very thorough and works with you on as many levels that you want to holistically approach your goals. She is extremely positive, supportive. resourceful, and has a wealth of knowledge regarding diet, lifestyle, and life!

My arthritis came back recently (I’ve had JRA and grew out of it) and have seen many doctors that prescribed all types of medicine. I wanted to try a different approach and manage it through diet, so I worked with nutritionists, and Eastern Medicine doctors. I started working with Jen and found through working with her, I can now manage my arthritis through my diet.

However, I went to get help with my medical condition, and got so much more. Through working with Jen, she helped me see a connection between my diet, weight gain/loss, happiness, and even finances.

You can’t go wrong if you work with Eat 2 Be Healthy.


I discovered Eat 2 Be Healthy (E2BH) when I was researching ways to improve my heart health without Statins or other pharma solutions. Although I’m active and in-shape, I’ve been battling high cholesterol since my early 30’s. Exercise and healthy eating choices helped, but it never seemed to be enough to counter what I was coming to accept (*sigh*) to be a genetic predisposition.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. After consulting with and then signing on to work with Jenifer and the E2BH team, both my cholesterol count and LDL/HDL ratios improved, dramatically, and in fairly short order. I was stunned and so was my primary care doc. What is more, this was a change that occurred more than a year ago, and has stuck – it was no one time improvement, and then ‘poof’ back to the old, bad norm. E2BH gave me a new normal, all based on natural, easy to follow, non-wacky recommendations, that come with no agenda (like selling products), other than improving your health and well being. In fact I’ve  been so happy with E2BH that I continue to work with them on other wellness related needs. 

So if you’re looking for an innovative, friendly, engaging, accessible, results focussed, no judgement, or alternative agenda team for your health coaching needs (or tune up), then I highly recommend E2BH.


Jen is the best Wellness Coach who leads with understanding and accountability. With her guidance I was able to lower my blood sugar lose weight. She has helped me understand why I make poor eating choices and how to make wise choices for a healthier me. Thank You Eat 2 Be Healthy and Jen for teaching me to be a better me.


Jenifer is always caring and motivating people to eat and live healthy. Not only does she give great training in these to areas but she lives it. Jenifer Duron is one of the most inspiring people I know. She will train and encourage people just because it’s in her nature.