50 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Now!

We’ve made it simple and easy for you to become your healthiest self with this list of 50 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Now! We have compiled some of the best tips, resources and products from some of the best in the biz like Dr. Andrew Weil, David Wolfe and Deepak Chopra, as well as some fellow health coaches that have been rocking the world of holistic health. Also included are some inspiring resources that support living a happier, healthier life! Be well!

1.    Want to ditch processed food for good?Learn from the Natural Gourmet herself, Annemarie Colbin, in this informative video How to Choose Your Food.

2.    Learn meditation for health. Dr. Weil’s Three Breathing Exercises are a great place to start.

3.    Looking to clean up your diet? Make it aClean Start in 2011 with Integrative Nutrition Grad Terry Walters’ new book, inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live Well.

4.    A great workout for mind, body and soul: Pop in this DVD, Intensati: Intention and Power—A High Energy Workout for Body Mind and Soul, created by an Integrative Nutrition student.

5.    Want to avoid getting a cold like the plague? Invest in a neti pot. This Ayurvedic remedy will keep your sinuses clean and clear all year. Check out this how to video if you are a neti novice.

6.    Follow the leader. Take the lead from Dr. David Katz as he shares his 3 Tricks to a Longer Life.

7.    Eat with the seasons by learning what your Ayurvedic body type is, compliments of Dr. John Douillard.

8.    Build your brain with exercise:  Exercise is beneficial for more than just your waistline. Deepak Chopra suggests breaking a sweat to improve your memory, learning and metabolism.

9.    Say NO to chemicals in your food by using this helpful guide on common food additives to avoid, compliments of Center for Science in the Public Interest.

10.    Keep a check on your health with Dr. Oz’s Lifesaving Numbers You Need to Know.

11.    Get to know your food: Learn from nutrition expert Joy Bauer’s “Should I be eating…” Food Index about the benefits of the foods you love. Also discover new favorites that might surprise you with their vitamin, mineral, and nutrient content.

12.    Want to find the perfect lover in 2011? Harville Hendrix, bestselling author of Getting the Love You Want and founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, explains what “Imago” means and how it relates to your soul mate in this video.

13.    Avoid food shopping pitfalls: Try this grocery store guidance to prevent yourself from making tempting, yet regrettable, food purchases.

14.    Get your cookie fix and keep fitPurely Elizabeth Cookie Mixes are gluten and dairy free and made with unrefined sweeteners. Easy to make and incredibly delicious. Founded by an Integrative Nutrition grad!

15.    Breathe easy in your homeEasy steps to make sure the air you are breathing in your home is clean and safe.

16.    Want to heal holistically? Browse Veria’s Holistic Health Solutions Database.

17.    Get the FAQs: Dr. Fuhrman might have the answers you’re searching for! His list of frequently asked questions and answers provides insight into many great debates in health, nutrition, diet, and lifestyle.

18.    Bring your stress level down: Try Integrative Nutrition grad and guest speaker Robert Notter’s “8 Ways to Reduce Stress Now,” to take your anxiety down a notch and allow for greater wellbeing.

19.    Cut the salt: The Harvard School of Public Health recommends these 25 easy ways to decrease your sodium intake and boost your health, without sucking the flavor out of your food.

20.    Be happy to be healthy: Take the time to be actively joyful about the abundance in your life. It can actually boost immunity, among other benefits.

21.    Supercharge your diet: These top 5 superfoods are anything but a fad, according to David Wolfe, one of the world’s top authorities on organic superfoods.

22.    Don’t skip dessert! Try Gnosis raw chocolateto add a superfood and some well deserved bliss to your daily diet!

23.    Become a farmers market pro: Whether you’re a newby or a regular at your local farmers market, have a successful shopping trip every time by trying these 10 tips to becoming an expert locavore.

24.    Think positive thoughts: In order to make room for positive thoughts, it’s important to learn how to stop negative thinking. You’re bound to start feeling better.

25.    Stall the clock: If you’re interested in slowing down the aging process for a healthier, longer life (who isnt’?!), try any combination of these 30 Healthstyle Tips To Keep You Young.

26.    Snack well:  If you’re hungry between meals or just need a little crunch in your life, stick to healthy snacks like Brad’s Raw Chips. These dehydrated chips come in 9 delicious flavors and are made from fresh vegetables, sprouted flax seeds, and buckwheat groats!

27.    Transform leftovers: Try these simple ideas and tips for turning leftovers into healthy snacks and meals.

28.    Know what to buy organic: Prioritize your organic produce shopping list to include the “Dirty Dozen,” which are those fruits and veggies most likely to contain high traces of pesticides if they are conventionally grown. Check out the “Clean Fifteen” that pass the test.

29.    Looking for skin care products free of toxic chemicals? Check out Skin Deep, a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group.   EWG also offers a printable shoppers guide to safe cosmetics.

30.    Kick that cold! Top 10 natural ways to kick a cold’s butt from Integrative Nutrition graduate and health coach, Michelle Pfennighaus of Find Your Balance Health.

31.    Go from conflict to connection. Heal your relationship in 2011 with Imago Relationship Therapy.

32.    Bring on the sea vegetables: Incorporate these low calorie, mineral/vitamin rich foods into your diet to reap the immunity & energy boosting benefits. Check out Top Chef contestant and Integrative Nutrition grad Andrea Beaman’s simple, delicioussea vegetable recipes to get started.

33.    Score Your Diet with a quick check-list to show how your diet rates on nutrition, the environment, and animal welfare. 

34.    Stuck in a recipe rut? Check out the list of vegetarian/vegan online recipe resources compiled by animal welfare activist, Howard Lyman. There are over 10,000 veg recipes, so you’ll be fully equipped to stir things up in the kitchen!

35.    Not so fast: Eat slower and more mindfully to do more than just savor the flavor. Enjoy better digestion, metabolize faster, and even lose weight with these suggestions to slow down speed eating.

36.    Cleanse continually: Take simple steps to cleanse your colon naturally and consistently by incorporating foods and beverages that lead to a cleaner colon.

37.    Expecting? Take it from Integrative Nutrition graduates, Real Food Moms, for some wonderful recipes, ideas and tips for feeding your little one with this cookbook, Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler.

38.    Go green (smoothies): Incorporating green smoothies into your diet for an easy way to get a boost of readily absorbable nutrients. Just blend up these yummy green smoothie recipes to help increase your energy and feel healthier from the inside out.

39.    Meditate your stress away: If your New Year’s resolutions included minimizing your stress levels this year, try this wonderful audio CD, Stress Management: Meditation and Affirmations by Peg Doyle, an Integrative Nutrition graduate!

40.    Nutrition on the go! Don’t let being busy take away from your nutrition. Try YouBars! You can chose all of the natural ingredients in your fresh, customized nutrition bar so it meets all of your prefernces and needs!

41.    Sparkle me well: Check out these beautiful iloveme rings and necklaces from jeWELLery, they are a “gentle reminder to love yourself so you can open your heart, receive love and share it with others.” Made by Be Well With Arielle, an Integrative Nutrition graduate and health coach.

42.    Want to say no to GMOs? The Non-GMO Project has created great resources to help you make informed decisions about the foods you are putting in your body. You can even sign the consumer pledge to support the preservation of a non-GMO food supply.

43.    Animal love: Keep your pets healthy along side of you! Find natural and holistic health products for your sweet animalshere.

44.    Listen for health: Check out these weekly holistic health pod-casts that explore all different aspects of wellness.

45.    Strike a pose. Experience the benefits yoga can provide for your body and mind. It’s never too late to start or learn something new. Check out Simple Yoga, a website and community dedicated to everything yoga.

46.    Kick your coffee habit. If you fuel up on caffeine daily, try these 11 tips to say goodbye to your daily buzz and hello to better health.

47.    Mindfully make your way towards health. An Integrative Nutrition graduate created Mindful Organics, where you can get health tips, nourishing organic baking mixes, and detoxifying juice kits!

48.    All in the family! Check out Kiwi Magazine online, committed to “Growing families the natural and organic way,” for great articles, products, recipes and resources.

49.    Continuing Education. Learn to cook or sharpen your skills with these free online cooking demonstrations! Cooking your own food is a great way to set yourself on the path to health!

50.    Eat smart with us! Eat 2 Be Healthy’s healthy recipe directory has some of the best tasting healthy snacks, meals and dessert ideas around.

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