I love Easter. The cheery colors, the delicious food, the time with family, how could anyone not? However, we all know that holidays can push us down the wrong path in terms of our health. But we also know that we can make choices to make holidays healthier for us and the people around us. Here are a few fun and healthy things that you can do this Easter!

  1. Dye Easter eggs, the natural way!

You can use red-cabbage, turmeric, chili powder, and beets to natural dye your Easter eggs. You get some beautiful deep and muted colors and avoid any of the not-so-good for you ingredients in traditional dye.

  1. Make healthy Easter baskets!

When you make Easter baskets for the kids this year, don’t reach for the pre made junk food baskets. Instead fill the baskets with some awesome new books to read, some toys that will get them out and moving (like jump rope), a few CD’s from their favorite band, and maybe just a few healthy and plant-based snacks.

  1. Make the kids work for their baskets!

When I was growing up my mom would tie yarn to our baskets and then trail it all around the house and back yard, using the ENTIRE spool of yarn. After 15 minutes of chasing the string around, we would finally reach our hidden baskets. If you are not a big fan of chasing yarn you could create a hunt using hidden clues that require them to do physical activities in between clues.

  1. Forget the Ham!

While ham is one of the staple Easter foods, it’s not very good for us at all. Ham is jam packed with sodium and fat, making it not the best protein option for your Easter meal. Try using a plant-based protein this year, and flavor it with hickory and honey!

  1. Spend the day outside!

Spring is the most beautiful time of year. Get outside in the sunshine and soak up all of that vitamin D! Encourage you and your family to go on active Easter egg hunts. Pick some flowers to brighten the mood of your house. Go on a fun Easter hike!

Well there you have it. You can make this Easter a happy and healthy one and not fall into the unhealthy holiday trap. If you try any of these fun tips take a picture and share with us! We can’t wait to see your beautiful Easter eggs.


About The AuthorsarahH
Sarah Hallock is a full-time student studying to be a cultural anthropologist. She is currently working on her AA at Moorpark College. She has lived in Ventura County her entire life, she loves cloudy days and cool weather. She is passionate about environmental and social activism. She has been a vegetarian for over 4 years and wants to spread the word about the benefits of plant-based eating. Helping people is a very important part of her life and she hopes to have a future career benefiting the lives of others.