During the holidays you want to get close to your beloved and spend some special one-on-one time, but most of the holiday time is actually spent with the family. The kids, the in-laws, the aunts and uncles, and cousins; everyone is vying for your attention. All of that is well and good, but the adults need some alone time too. So send the kids with grandma and grandpa and spend some time appreciating each other. Here are a few inexpensive holiday activities for couples to give you a chance to connect and have a little fun too.

1. Enjoy a movie marathon. There is nothing better than cuddling up under a warm blanket, fireplace on, sipping hot cocoa (or apple cider or whatever it is you fancy), while watching a movie. Visit the video shop or on-demand, stack up on snacks (healthy ones of course) and spend the day watching holiday movies. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, think back to your favorite Christmas movie when you were a kid and go for it, even if it is a cartoon. Call it comfort food for the soul!

2. Go for a hike or long walk together. Enjoying nature during the holiday season with your loved one is awesome. It keeps you grounded, reminds you to slow down and enjoy the little things and be grateful for our beautiful earth. You can also go for a bike ride. Like walking, cycling can be energetic or gentle – it’s up to you. But either way it’s sure to give your health a boost! The couple that rides together stays together.

3. Head to the museum. Stroll through the exhibits, hold hands, and comment on what you see and learn. Most of them have some sort of Holiday event happening.

4. Have a game night. Get out the board games and play like the old days. Just the two of you. If the kids are away, up the anti and play a strip version.

5. Have a snow ball fight. I know it’s childish but it’s a ton of fun. When was the last time you let loose and acted like a kid? You will be surprised at how much fun it is. No snow in CA? Think again. Check out some of these Socal places where you can find snow without having to drive hours into the mountains.

6. Climb a wall, a rock or a real mountain together. This sort of activity is fun but also helps couples build trust. If you have never done this before, choose a small one to start. Topanga Canyon in the valley of SoCal has a rock that is perfect for this kind of thing.

7. Star Gaze! Sit in your backyard. Or better yet, take off for a night and camp out and kiss under the stars. Roast marshmallows to boot. If you are not the outdoor types, head to the planetarium for safer star-gazing.

8. Fill up a picnic basket with goodies. Go to the park or beach and share your feast with one another. Don’t forget your picnic blanket. Or have a blind food tasting. Don’t let your partner see what you brought and blindfold him/her. Have them try to guess what they are eating. Lot’s of fun. Bring the blanket

9. Go Park! Yep I said it. Go park. Remember when you were teens and you used to make out in your car. It was fun and exciting. So pull over and make out for a bit. You don’t have to go all the way. Just make out for a bit, then when your all hot and bothered, rush home and have some fun, alone in your own house. You will barely be able to keep your hands off each other as you walk through the door. Ahhh to be young and in love AGAIN!

10. Go ice skating. OK I love this one. I must admit that I’m not only a terrible ice skater (roller skating I rock at, but ice skating not so much), I am also very clumsy. Not a good combo for my tush but I love it all the same. Dressing warm, drinking hot coco and holding on to your man as you tool around the rink. Blissful! So find your local skating rink and go for a spin.

Five Things that are worth Splurging on…

1. View the holiday lights gondola style or take a holiday cruise and Christmas boat parade . In SoCal you can do these in Newport Beach or The Naples Island in Long Beach. www.gondolagetawayinc.com and www.christmasparadeboats.com. Where are these activities in your area?

2. Go see a holiday play. Prices range from inexpensive to a bit more on the pricier side. Choose one that fits your budget. For listings in the LA area click here.

3. Perform a duet at a karaoke bar or go dancing the way you did when you were in your 20’s. You don’t have to spend a ton of money for a night out on the town but a few bucks always helps. Check out a dive karaoke bar, you know the one where nobody you know will ever see you? Yep that one! And sing like you are Sonny and Cher or hit the club and shake your a** on the dance floor like you never have before. Who cares if you’re the oldest people in the place. You won’t see these people tomorrow.

4. If you are in LA and haven’t seen the Queen Mary, you definitely need to go; especially at Christmas time. Check out the Ice Kingdom at the Queen Mary. http://www.queenmary.com

5. See a Stand Up Comedy Show. Many times during the holiday season comedy clubs will do shows where the proceeds go to a charity. Look up the local comedy places in your area to see what they have going on. In LA click here for a comedy stand up special benefiting Toys for Tots.

This one is for next year because it is a must see but they are already sold out.

Santa Barbara Trolley of Lights

The Santa Barbara local’s favorite tour for admiring the amazing Holiday light displays around town! Relax on one of our open air trolleys as we take to you all of the breathtaking holiday lights around town on this 90-minute ride. Definitely on the to do list!