Hello, Sunshine! If you have found your way to our site, then you are interested in your own health and well being or you’re are concerned about a loved one’s health. Either way, we are so honored that you have decided to check us out. When I founded Eat 2 Be Healthy, my purpose was simple: Create a company that helps people “Eat to Live and Live to Love”.  Each and every day, our team strives to ensure that Eat 2 Be Healthy’s clients reach that goal.

Why Eat to Live and Live to Love?

Well, let me tell you! If we look at what the word “eat” means; it means to consume or to take in. We want to empower others to have the awareness that what we eat affects us on a grand scale. Whether we are talking about the food we swallow, the drinks we guzzle, the medications we devour, the chemicals we ingest, the air we gobble up, the media we feast on, the energy from others we scarf down, the self-talk we pig out on, or the words from our peers that we snack on…all this consumption makes a difference in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. Most of us go through life just trying to survive and not to live. We want you to live and I mean live BIG; we want you to thrive, and we want you to love! Love is where it is at! Only love is real! To love each other, to love our community, to love our planet and more importantly to love ourselves! When we learn to love ourselves, then we can truly love! Are you beginning to see how deeply we feel about our motto? It is what drives us every day. It is our WHY! And it all starts with what we eat. Eating is Mental and Emotional (mind). Eating is Physical (body). Eating is Spiritual (spirit).

In short…We believe the purpose of eating is to really live and the purpose of living is to really love! We hope to inspire you to love more so you can live your best life!